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Rudder and NWS steering are not working and I either have separate rudder pedals or a tiller axis assigned to my joystick -
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1) "I only have rudder pedals - I cannot assign any separate joystick axis for steering tiller"

This should be the majority of simmers - they only have a rudder axis (either on their joystick or through their rudder pedals) so they have assigned that to control rudders in their sim.

In this scenario, which will also be default, the simmer has MCDU -> OPTIONS -> RIGHT ARROW (second page) -> CONTROLS -> RUDDER PEDALS set as "PEDALS CONTROL NWS = ON". With this setting, the rudder pedals ordinarily and normally control the rudder the same way we're used to in the simulator. They also control NWS but their effect is tiny (as in the real A320: +/- 6 degrees turn). However, when, and for as long as the PEDAL DISC key is kept depressed with the "comma" key (which can be reassigned through the Add-Ons - FSLabs - Keyboard Commands menu), the rudder pedals stop controlling the rudder axis and instead become the steering tiller (this can be seen in the VC, where the tiller should turn).

2) "I have rudder pedals and I can assign a separate steering tiller axis through FSUIPC"

This example is for simmers who own separate rudder pedals but can also assign a different joystick axis (in my case, the Logitech Extreme Pro axis) through FSUIPC to "Steering Set" functionality.

In this scenario, the simmer has to switch the MCDU -> OPTIONS -> RIGHT ARROW (second page) -> CONTROLS -> RUDDER PEDALS setting to "PEDALS CONTROL NWS = OFF". That way, the rudder pedals go back to only controlling the rudder axis, as in the real aircraft and the separate steering tiller joystick axis is responsible for controlling the nose wheel steering. PEDAL DISC activity (that "comma" key action) functions as per the real aircraft, i.e. when kept depressed, the rudder pedals disengage from that +/- 6 degree NWS control and only control the rudder itself.

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